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Title I   --- (1) Courts (PDF File) 

Title II  --- (2) Civil Proedures (PDF files)

Title III --- (3) Criminal Procedures (PDF file) 

Title IV --- (4) Criminal Offenses/Sex Offenders (PDF File) 

Title V  --- (5) Family Code (PDF file) 

Title VI --- (6) Children's Code (PDF file) 

Title VII --- (7) Mental Illness & Chemical Dependence (PDF file)

Title VIII --- (8) Liquor (Coming Soon

Title IX --- (9) Game, Fish & Wildlife (PDF file) 

Title X --- (10) Enrollment (PDF file) 

Title XI --- (11) Highways (PDF file) 

Title XII --- (12) 

Title XIII --- (13) 

Title XIV --- (14) 

Title XV --- (15) Elections (PDF file

Title XVI --- (16) Tax Code (PDF File)

Title XVII --- (17) Housing (PDF file) 

Title XVIII --- (18) Tribal Employees (PDF file

Title XIX --- (19) Rules & Procedures for the SRST Council (PDF file)

Title XX --- (20) District Organization (PDF file

Title XXI --- (21) Protection of the Elderly (PDF file) 

Title XXII --- (22) Animal Control (PDF file) 

Title XXIII --- (23) Licensing and Regulation of Bingo and other Games of Chance (PDF file) 

Title XXIV --- (24) Standing Rock Commericial Code (PDF File)

Title XXV --- (25) Domestic Abuse (PDF file)

Title XXVI --- (26) 

Title XXVII --- (27) Tribal Employee Code of Ethics (PDF File) 

Title XXVIII --- (28) Foreclosure of Real Estate Mortgages (PDF file) 

Title XXIX --- (29) 

Title XXX --- (30) TERO (Tribal Employment Rights Office) (PDF file) 

Title XXXI --- (31) Pesticides (PDF file) 

Title XXXII --- (32) Cultural Resource (PDF file) 

Title XXXIII --- (33) JTAC Ordinance (PDF file

Title XXXIV --- (34) Tribal Water Code (PDF file) 

Title XXXV --- (35) Education Code (PDF file) 

Title XXXVI --- (36) Disabled Adult Protection Code (PDF file)

Title XXXVII --- (37) [RESERVED]

Title XXXVIII --- (38) Paleontology Resource Code (PDF file

Title XXXIX --- (39) Tribal Council Code of Ethics Standards of Conduct (PDF file) 

Title XL --- (40) Resolution 754-11 [REPEALED] (PDF file)


Records and Files Disposition (pdf file)

Burial Program Policies and Procedures. (pdf file)

Personnel Policies and Procedures. (pdf files)

Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Pardon Commission Policies Procedures (pdf file)

MR&I Water System Administrative Policy, Rules and Regulations (pdf file)

Short Term Loan Program Rules and Regulations (pdf file)

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Constitution (pdf file).

Compensation Policy (pdf file)

Job Classification Policy (pdf file)

Compensation Management Manual (pdf file

Employees Not Eligible for Comp-Time (pdf file)

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Standing Rock

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Standing Rock